BBC School Report 2017

BBC School Report 2016

At Upper Batley High School this year we decided to take on the challenge of making a school news report for the BBC’s national event; this is the story of how we made it.

The people who took part had to submit a form to present their uniqueness and skills needed for the news report. We then divided ourselves into teams to report on three different topics: sports, environment and local news. All the teams did an amazing job. Brainstorming was a crucial part in this process and everyone played a huge role in this part, projecting all of their brilliant ideas

We invited in famous national and local names and presented interviews/factual pieces and we were all hard at work to make this a fun, lively, interesting experience for the participants and the people who would watch our report. We look forward to doing this next year and the years to come.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.

Abdullah and Ahmad – Year 9