Rocket Competition

Brothers Ali and Adil Mir, last year’s runners up of the UKAYRoC Rocket Competition, were given the opportunity to be guests of the Star Chaser Rocket Team to watch their latest rocket launch held by the University of Chester in Macclesfield on 4th February 2015.

Over 300 people attended the event, the atmosphere was tense waiting for the rocket to be launched. Countdown began, but nothing happened, hurried checks were taken and countdown began again.

Ali Mir who is in year 8 at Batley Business & Enterprise College said “I felt like I was holding my breath as the countdown began again, it was really exciting” Adil Mir who is in Year 9 added “when the rocket finally blasted off it was an amazing site.” Unfortunately the rocket only reached tree height before it exploded and plummeted to the ground. The event was covered by the local BBC news team and both Ali and Adil were interviewed for Look West Tonight, Macclesfield’s local news programme.

Mrs Dent, Forest School Leader who attended the event with the students said “It was a privilege for our students to be invited to this event, they really enjoyed the day even though the Rocket failed its mission.”