Report about the BBC School News

UBHS successfully accomplished working for the second consecutive year on BBC News School Report. The learners decided to focus on raising awareness about the potential damages caused to the environment as it was highlighted by Jo Cox, the late MP, when she was interviewed by our young reporters last year.

Following on from Jo Cox`s ideas, our learners interviewed Jo`s parents and her sister, Kim Leadbeater, who were all extremely passionate about how the hazards to the environment could be minimised. The young journalists promoted the effort put in by our school community for the smooth operation of the Forest School and the Barnyard .

A team of 8 young journalists were given the opportunity to visit the BBC Leeds Studio where they spent an entire day working along with the team on different aspects of News Reporting. They co-produced the BBC Face Book Live with Lara Rostron, were interviewed along with the Head Teacher, Sam Vickers, on Drive Time Radio Leeds and finally had the experience of being on LOOK NORTH  with Harry Gration , MBE.

It was certainly an amazing experience, one to be cherished for a long time to come.