Careers Pathways

In January 2017 we launched our Career Pathways system. This work on careers links to our Going for Gold programme and is the next phase in our learners knowing where they are going in the future and where their education will take them.

Every learner has a Career Pathways guide that they work through with their Form Tutor during our morning ASPIRE time. The idea of this programme is that boys look at possible career routes they may be interested in when they leave school and they research the qualifications they will need to get there.

Our Career Pathways approach includes career guidance right from Year 7, information about apprenticeships and links with local business leaders, mock interviews, University visits and much more. We start early with our boys as waiting until year 11 to plan your career is too late. Mr Sherrard leads on this whole new system so please contact him to find out further details.

Going for Gold= our aspirational, learner centred, target and review system

Career Pathways= What does each learner want to do for a future career? How will they get there?