BBC Sports Personality of the Year Visits UBHS

We were thrilled to welcome Marcellus Baz to their school on Tuesday 8th February, 2017. Marcellus was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the year ‘Unsung Hero’ award and he appeared on live television speaking about the power of his motivational work with young people to transform their futures and their life chances.

Marcellus and Nathan, a member of his team from Switch Up, Nottingham, spoke to the boys at Upper Batley about how high aspirations and hard work ensure you reach your goals. Marcellus outlined to boys the power of self-belief and self-motivation.

Marcellus works with a wide range of young people to educate them on the importance of a good education to shape a better future for yourself and for your families’ future.

Marcellus has also travelled around the world and led inspirational sessions in America, Brazil and Denmark to name just a few countries.

Upper Batley High School were delighted that Marcellus and his team chose their school to visit.