Rotary Club

The Interact Group has created a whole new exciting opportunity for our learners with regard to their charity work. This joint venture with the Rotary Club has provided our boys with a wealth of social and professional learning experiences such as how to host their own meeting, developing their inter and intra personal skills, liaising with high profile local and national dignities, public speaking, speech writing & delivery, event planning, charity fundraising and the list goes on and on.

Headteacher Ms Vickers said “our boys have relished the experience and loved the challenge. At Upper Batley High School we believe firmly in the school being at the heart of our local community and our charity work and fundraising is a key part of our curriculum. The boys decide themselves which charities and events they will be supporting each year and their entrepreneurial skills are second to none. They are creative in their ideas and very passionate about helping other people and in particular about helping people who may be less fortunate than themselves”. Ms Vickers went on to say, “ We talk a lot about TEAM in our school where Together Everyone Achieves More and this work is all about our school team supporting our local community team. 

Upper Batley High School were delighted on Friday to see our local MP, Jo Cox and the Mayor and Mayoress of Kirklees support and endorse our work. The boys were thrilled to be able to speak to a crowded audience of senior members of the Rotary Club, the MP, Mayor and Mayoress, parents, governors, staff and students about the work they are undertaking. Ms Vickers said “as Headteacher of Upper Batley High School I felt incredibly proud of our men with how confidently and articulately they spoke and with the sense of purpose and passion they have for this work. Two members of our expert staff team, Mrs Jeanette Dent and Mrs Debra Clyne, launched this project with our boys and established the link with the Rotary Club. The Interact Group has been going from strength to strength since then and it was lovely to see the boys presented with their membership pins, lecturn, gavel and block by the Rotary Club.” 

Since joining this group two of our boys have improved their attendance by so much that they were presented with a special medal by the Mayor himself. 

“Being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs there is and our young men inspire and motivate us each and every day. We are incredibly fortunate as a school to have such a plethora of talent amongst our young men. They make us proud each and every day."